Garment Project

Garment Project design casual sneakers for men made in high-quality suede and leather. The company is founded by Kent Rau and inspired by his personal style - he describes the design as cool, calm and collected. Garment Project is a clean and minimalistic sneaker combined with a formal shoe. The shoes are very comfortable to wear and our feet love them. Find your newest Garment Project shoes and sneakers at Townsfolk.

Garment Project

Garment Project desire to manufacture proper casual sneakers – which may be used with anything. With experience from Nike, the man behind Garment Project had a desire to design casual sneakers. Sneakers that offered both comfort and technical details. In 2013, Garment Project became a reality and, later that year, the first Classic Lace hit the road. Classic Lace is the sneaker that kicked it all off and it is basically a classical leather sneaker, but with comfort and extra detail.

With Classic Lace, Garment Project hit an opening in the market and, already in the first season, they had established themselves on the Danish sneaker scene. Classic Lace has become the season classic and, from it, the Garment Project collection has been gradually developed and expanded. Many more styles have been added. Common to all of them is that they are made from the softest skin, handmade in Portugal, and with a focus on comfort and technical details. The Classic Lace is now replaced by Garment Project Type.

Every season, the goal is to make an even better product. Every Garment Project styles need to be improved, efforts are constantly being made to deliver an even sharper product. Better soles, more comfort, more technical details. Garment Project renew and develop constantly. 

Garment Project will constantly improve and show that sneakers are not just about the right look. It's also about the technical details, comfort, and quality.

Buy Garment Project at Townsfolk

Townsfolk has been a retailer of Garment Project's shoes since the opening in 2015. We love the formal design combined with the sporty look. At Townsfolk, you can buy five different Garment Project designs: Type, Front, Runner, Zeno, and Flex. You can find the newest Garment Project items at our webshop and in the Townsfolk store at Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Garment Project shoes and sneakers

Garment Project Type is renowned for the clean lines and replace the Classic Lace model. Molded on a classic tennis sneaker Type are the new wardrobe essential, suitable for both formal and everyday use. Handcrafted in Portugal. Garment Project Type is made from the finest premium leather. This new signature style is combined with Garment Projects own cup sole, leather lining, padded heel, and finished with a memory-foam that ensures luxurious comfort. At Townsfolk you can find a variety of the Garment Project Type shoe.

Garment Project Front is a clean and super urban sneaker which combines the finest details from the latest sneaker decades. The result is a pair of fashion sneaks with all the right features and some serious comfort. Front is handmade in Portugal of premium suede and textile. Garment Project Front comes on a chunky stitched sole with textile lining.

Garment Project Runner for men is a fashion sneaker on a world-class performance sole. Garment Project Runner is a combination of suede and leather. It comes with a padded heel counter, nylon laces for the sporty look and leather lining. Runner has Vibram soles and EVA-insoles for comfort. We recommend a size smaller than usual when you buy the Garment Project Runner sneaker. At Townsfolk you can buy many different designs based on the Garment Project Runner model.

Garment Project Flex sneaker combines sporty fashion with comfort and sublime support. Flex is designed with all the best: Premium leather, suede, and nylon on a chunky rubber sole. The sporty look combined with the reflex details and the well-coordinated material mix makes Flex a bit of a keeper.

Garment Project Zeno sneaker hit the sporty tendencies spot-on. The sole is a comfortable Blowtech lightweight sole from Italian Gommus. The top consists of a suede, leather and mesh combination. Inside, it has leather lining and an EVA insole for optimal comfort.