Libertine-Libertine is a Danish fashion brand founded by three creative enthusiasts. The brand is based on existentialism, high quality and well-designed items. All the products are made in Europe by the best manufacturers and fabric suppliers. We feel nothing but great love for this brand and the high quality they show time after time. Buy your newest Libertine-Libertine clothing at Townsfolk.


Libertine-Libertine was founded in 2009 in Copenhagen by Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz, and Peter Ovesen. Libertine-Libertine has established a highly commendable reputation for its effortless aesthetics and perfect balance. Libertine-Libertine balance between simplicity and sophistication. All garments are manufactured using high-quality fabrics from the best mills in Europe. Libertine-Libertine strives to produce a product of integrity with great attention to material, colour, and detail.

Libertine-Libertine’s goal was to create clothes without restrictions where there was a focus on diversity, high quality, and well-designed items. The founders are inspired by the lights of the city, the Danish coasts and modern culture. The inspiration is reflected in the clean cuts and beautiful prints. Libertine-Libertine is known for their simple cut that appeals to the modern man where quality and fit are important. Libertine-Libertine keep their style and vision through both collections and it is a joy to see. Libertine-Libertine is for people with courage. People who wants to challenge themselves and who want to simulate their creative soul without restrictions. Libertine-Libertine is a brand that focus on design, passion and the small details.

Buy Libertine-Libertine at Townsfolk

Townsfolk has been a retailer, in Copenhagen, of Libertine-Libertine since 2015. The Copenhagen based brand is good at being innovative as well as classic at the same time. That is precisely why the brand has become a hit among us, at Townsfolk. Quality and design are top notch. Libertine-Libertine’s ability to mix the old and newer styles into a minimalist look makes them a popular Danish brand. We, at Townsfolk, cannot wait to see the brand's development over the next few years. You can find the newest Libertine-Libertine items at our webshop and in the Townsfolk store at Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Libertine-Libertine Clothing

Libertine-Libertine has a talent for designing timeless minimalist clothing, which is usually classic designs with a dispute. The classic design are seen in the well-known designs such as the shirt, jacket, t-shirt, and shorts. Libertine-Libertine stands out by changing a little in the classic items so it becomes trendy and modern. This is especially seen in the cool prints, cuts, and colors. The collections always contain the finest floral prints, sailor stripes, dots, and geometric shapes. Especially the prints are usually a hit as they make each collection unique.

Libertine-Libertine is really good at creating matching seats most often in the form of print. Here you can see both sets in the form of shorts or pants that can be used with a matching shirt. But also, jackets can be used as a matching outfit. It always looks good and incredibly trendy when you go fully into print. If you are braver in your style, combine the various prints in a cross. However, it requires a good fashion eye to spot and put together different prints. But when it is successful it is some of the coolest things you can wear – take a look at the prints here at Townsfolk.