On this page you will find our entire collection of t-shirts for men. T-shirts are one of the most basic items you can buy. You can wear a t-shirt for every given situation. At Townsfolk, you can find a lot of different t-shirts – the colorful ones, logo t-shirts and the basic ones you can use under your shirt.

Long sleeve t-shirts for men

A majority of our t-shirt assortment features the classic short sleeves. These classics are of course quite obvious perfect to wear during the summer and good as a layered item during winter. But we do carry quite a lot of the long-sleeved version of the classic t-shirt in our collections. These t-shirts are of course just as, if not more, universal than the classic t-shirt. This is due to the long-sleeved t-shirt being more versatile as you can roll up the sleeves should the summer heat hit you out of nowhere.

Turtlenecks and polo shirts

Among our selection of t-shirts, we carry a wide variety of different tops. This is including turtlenecks and different kinds of polos, and these include quite a bit of long-sleeved polos. We recommend that you look through our assortment of t-shirts for a detailed look at all the different and exciting variations vi carry in this category. 

T-shirts from Townsfolk

All the clothing from our assortment are of high quality and beautiful design. We carry a lot of different t-shirts from trending and relevant high-end brands. Among these are popular brand like Libertine-Libertine, Norse Projects, Won Hundred and Our Legacy. All these brands are carefully selected by the staff in the store and are brands which we deem are a perfect addition to any stylish man no matter which type of man you are. Besides the above, we of course also carry t-shirts (among other categories) from our own brand, Townsfolk. This is a brand designed and fitted for life in a major city – more specifically Copenhagen.